Unique ways to show yourself grace (powerful tips)

extending grace to yourself

Lots of people find the idea of extending grace to themselves foreign. Why is such a gift a struggle? Besides, its something that you entirely owe yourself. Guaranteed. No one will perform this for you. Giving yourself the chance to laugh-out-silly at the remembrance of something funny, you may have done; have a face-lift effect […]

The power of what you believe

wrong and right believe

Do you know what you think and believe is very crucial? Do you want to be a better person tomorrow than you are today? Then you need to engage in an ongoing process to improve what you believe. Because what you have inside – think – always impacts what comes out. It’s hard to overstate […]

How to procrastinate less: useful thinking tips

The shock of procrastination

A nagging desire to take action on perhaps something that needs to be done, sometimes seems out of my reach. It isn’t easy to conjure up. Let alone sustain for a long while I am discovering that it’s not just that my mind isn’t made up to do something, but hearing myself say I’ll put […]