A nagging desire to take action on perhaps something that needs to be done, sometimes seems out of my reach.

It isn’t easy to conjure up. Let alone sustain for a long while

I am discovering that it’s not just that my mind isn’t made up to do something, but hearing myself say I’ll put off something until tomorrow, sounds helpful.

At last, I can rest; until sadly, I have more than I earlier put off.

The goal is to get a hold on procrastination before it get a hold on you

So, here are some super useful tips I employ when things, in my mind, should be moved until tomorrow

Get a hold on procrastination before it get a hold on you

  • Handle some part if not everything entirely

If I see that a task seems rather overwhelming and chances of its completion are slim; doing little part even just once has helped me keep things moving

If what you would rather do tomorrow could be done today, however small, consider doing something

The truth is: small steps count. When big moves seems far away, small moves would certainly create progress

  • Get it done, responsibilities aren’t for dodging

How to lessen procrastination

As a student, I can’t delegate doing assignment to someone else. Sure I can, but it will catch up with me. At exam interviews, employment line, and even staying employed.

Responsibilities won’t change after being neglected. They await thoughtful execution.

Having been there, a work unfinished and one not yet begun are peace robbers

The line between thinking and doing

I am convinced we think yourself into procrastination. We consider how later seem to mean we have all the time in the world and forget that later could still, unknown to us, have it’s owe task

Think less, act more, and repeat over again

Doing leave relaxation and set into motion to get a task done. While thinking assume such things could be done some other times

Procrastination would rather have us dodging responsibilities, than getting them done, however slow

Don’t wait on factors

A man sitting a couch thinking

Factors are fickle. One second, they’re favourable. The other, they’re not.

You may want to have all things in place but that may well be how things will pan out: you wanting, whilst nothing is getting done

The thing is, YOU be the factor. You are well enough of a factor to accomplish whatsoever you set out to

When factors change, you also change. Since factors can’t adapt nor imagine, you’re well able to slowly get a big task done.

  • The tyranny of someday

You would be lying to say you don’t use this word every 3-4 days to avoid doing something. I can confess to even saying it to myself yesterday.

The truth is someday is not a day of the week. Of course, it isn’t

But you would have doubt if it isn’t from listening to how many times people use the word

With this word (someday), responsibilities are pushed, little is dome, and results are stunted

  • My Someday Story

I have had the desire to start a personal blog for a long time. As I would later get into, my desire would be tested.

Rather than risk disappointment, I had a sweet someday tune I danced to after purchasing a domain and hosting. It would be five months before I got around putting my purchased website to use.

A girl thinking to herself about someday

You see, desire isn’t enough to get things done. I eventually learn’t that I either get started or call it quit

Having failed to start something for over these months, had me thinking that most things will really, I mean really, won’t change until someone start something.

However pathetic it would seem, until you start, your difficulties won’t stop.

I wouldn’t go overboard to say that the longer you delay beginning something, the bigger it gets. But I would caution that getting things started as early as you can, instead of procrastinating, is wise

Creative ideas would come easily, as it should. You won’t have to rack your brain so hard.

There’s no reward in waiting to be sure that everything is as it should be before setting to get something done

I find no fun in waiting on something that could be done today, however small, slow, or insignificant

You could wait on God, your doctor, a response to a letter. But not on your: future, responsibility, story, impact

  • Leave caution, try something

Caution bid us to consider so and so before hitting start. I totally understand that It can and has save many lives and while it’s at this, it has also ruined many lives too

Many has-been lives now think of what could have been

Caution could mix excuses with good reason that will have you convince to start someday, not just today. Making you fail to take action

A try something quote on a smartphone

Caution, I believe, is what will make us share our high hopes and plans with anyone who cares to listen while all the time know that deep inside us, we have no desire to get started soon

Procrastination as you may not now, can lead to delay of what should be done.

And when an action is delayed until factors are favourable, nothing in the mean time ever get done.

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