Lots of people find the idea of extending grace to themselves foreign. Why is such a gift a struggle? Besides, its something that you entirely owe yourself. Guaranteed. No one will perform this for you.

Giving yourself the chance to laugh-out-silly at the remembrance of something funny, you may have done; have a face-lift effect

You are all you've got

And yes, there’s freedom when you do this. But you’re the one that must start it on its journey.

Grace is like treating yourself more than you think you deserve. Without judgement, animosity and shame.

Don’t beat yourself. Instead begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be

I am realising daily that many important battles in our lives will be waged on the inside – the mind

Giving ourselves grace, would have to be taken seriously as a personal responsibility that can’t be delegated

In some experiences that tend to pull me to these above listed extreme (seeing what mess I am), here are useful things that I commit to remembrance, intentionally:

‘’Most folks are about as happy as they make up their mind to be.’’ Regardless of an experience

Abraham Lincoln, emphasis mine Tweet

Cheer up.

Cheering up isn’t a way for you to excuse, feign ignorance of something wrong you did. Rather, I realise it helps you stay calm. You wouldn’t want to give your peace away.

Failing to let yourself off the hook and permitting bitter feelings toward yourself have negative effects.

Cheer up for it adds something to your life – joy. It will help you keep a proper perspective in life.A woman at the mirror cheering up

Watch your word.

I have a hard time watching what I say. I know it does no good, but repeatedly; its something I’m prone to do.  Being careful about less-than-positive words you use on yourself is important.

Other people less-than-positive words and voices may matter and hurt deeply, but it hurts deeper when its coming from you.

I know that some of my decisions can leave me talking down on myself on how: careless, stupid, messy, childish I made myself look. But all the same, it still won’t give me the will to learn from my less-than-perfect response. It wouldn’t help you too.

Your world will look brighter from positive words you tell yourself. Do this often. Doing this daily would be great.

A wall painting with positivity

Choose to say positive, motivating, pleasant words. Especially to yourself

The mouth. Tongue. Words. May all seem insignificant, (given their size, they sure appear so), but their function leaves ‘little’ at the door.

I won’t mince words to say that: your day goes the way your mouth turns

Expect the unexpected.

Things certainly won’t always go as you plan them to. At least for me, I see things happening how I didn’t anticipate. Sometimes even when I expect a thing to happen, I’m stunned with a new event.

Accepting that things are beyond my control hasn’t been easy.  It’s a hard truth. I believe its one that lots of people (including you) may deal with.

Expect that things would oftentimes tumble and happen way below your projection.

Clay bank with inspiring quote on wall

Accept that things are imperfect.

A sure way to easily not get tangled up with negative feeling toward yourself is accepting the imperfect condition of things.

I understand and always remember this: things, even people; are imperfect.

And while I don’t know what would happen, I try to not soak up the desire to make sure things are close to perfect.

I would rather agree something be done step-by-step with little chance of success.

Have and then extend grace.

If I have a tough time seeing some humor in even a seemingly stupid action, I wouldn’t find it easy to laugh with someone who do – someone that sees humor from a sorry story.

I realize that I wouldn’t let others disrespect me if, when I feel disappointed at myself; I don’t allow negative self-talk to dominate my words.

Left uncheck, it often cloud how I see myself.

Regardless of what attitude you adopt, things (or life as you know it) will never be perfect, positive or exciting always.

Knowing this, you may as well gift yourself the grace (loving yourself enough) to fall short, make mistakes, learn, and experience the joy of extending grace to others.

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